Powder Coating Information

Powder Coating Standard Colour Range

‘Built For Life’ Fence & Gates are powder coated using Dulux(REG Mark) Powder coatings. Listed below is our ‘Standard’ Colour range which are the most popular colour choices. Further colour choices are available, download your Colour Selector Chart PDF here: Dulux Colour Selector.


Why Powder Coating?

Powder coatings have the advantage over liquid paints in that they do not contain harmful solvents. Powder coatings provide tougher and harder surfaces ( such as tubular steel fencing and gates ) than most paints. Powder coatings do not suffer from solvent ‘running’ or ‘sagging’ and therefore can be applied thicker than paints, giving longer lasting finishes.

The product is pre treated using a three stage chemical phosphorous wash, ensuring an excellent finish. The application converts the ‘solid’ powder to the tubular steel fence or gates, in an environment friendly process.

Powder coatings are one of the most environmentally friendly methods for finishing your products, as they are a natural product.

Care for your Coating

Ongoing maintenance is important and encourages longevity. Please refer to the Dulux web site for further details; www.duluxpowders.com.au

Maintenance FREE – A Tubular Steel Fence is ‘Built For Life’